The 2nd
International Conference on WT1
in Human Neoplasia

October 20-22, 2005 Kyoto, Japan

Meeting Presidents:
Haruo Sugiyama (Osaka University , Osaka) and
Eckhard Thiel (Charite, Campus Benjamin Franklin, Berlin)

Yoshihiro Oka (Osaka) and Ulrich keilholz (Berlin)

Focus of the meeting Call for Abstracts
From Jul. 15 to Aug. 22, 2005
Main topics

Hotel reservation

From Aug. 1 to Sep. 10, 2005
        (ONLY for people living overseas)
From Aug. 15 to Sep. 10, 2005
        (For people living in Japan)

Conference Schedule Participants Registration
From Jul. 15 to Sep. 30, 2005
Scientific Advisary Board
Program Committee
Social Event

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   Yoshihiro Oka: 
Ulrich Keilholz:
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